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5 Common Myths About Security Guards

Without even knowing it, security guards are part of your everyday life. Many work in the office buildings, shopping malls and parking garages that you frequent daily. Their role, although very important, can often go unnoticed as you go about your day.

Media is one means by which people have developed misconceptions about the role of a security guard. As employees, customers and average citizens, it is important to recognize the critical role guards play in keeping us safe. As business owners, it is even more important to realize that security guards are one of your strongest defenses against safety and security threats.

Why are there so many myths about security guards?

One of the main reasons is that there are many types of security guards and a variety of roles that they can play. Security guards can be found in almost any business, making it hard to develop a clear definition of how they operate. Very often, the job of a security guard can vary day to day based on emerging security threats, events and even the weather. Businesses of all sizes utilize security guards to keep their assets safe, and many of these businesses have their own unique goals and requirements for their security personnel.

To help debunk some of the greatest myths about security guards, we have gathered five of the most common misconceptions about security guards to help set the record straight.

Five Myths About Security Guards

It requires no training to become a security guard.

Many people are under the misconception that anyone can become a security guard. The reality is that security guards have strict training requirements to receive their licenses. The industry has strict guidelines and standards that govern the field. Also, every state has its own specific regulations before a security guard can become licensed.

Security guards must be big and burly.

We’ve all seen the stereotypical security guard with the no-nonsense demeanor and intimidating stance. But security guards do not need to be exceptionally strong or intimidating to be successful. In fact, security guards must have quick instincts and smarts. For some businesses like bars and nightclubs, a brawny security guard may fit seamlessly into the environment. For others, such as corporate settings and business parks, this type of security guard may not give the appearance that the business owner desires.

Security guards don’t really do anything.

Movies and television shows have given the impression that many security guards sit in a booth reading magazines and watching TV. They depict the job as relatively dull and uneventful. When something does happen, the unwitting guards are caught unaware, and shenanigans ensue. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Security guards are often the first line of defense before police arrive on the scene. Guards have many jobs to do during their shifts, and so they must stay alert and vigilant.

Security guards are rude to the public.

Again, many people are under the assumption that security guards are meant to be intimidating forces who do not interact with the public. However, it is more often the case that security guards have a very forward-facing role when it comes to customer service. Security guards are often the first stop for people who need assistance or require directions. Professional security guards are not only good at their job securing people and property, but they also have a strong focus on customer service.

Security guards are too expensive for my business.

Business owners have a lot of expenses, and many feel that hiring security guards is not worth the investment. There is a misconception that only wealthy people or big businesses have the means to hire security personnel to protect their property and assets.

But having comprehensive security solutions for your business does not have to be pricey. In fact, when you work with a professional security guard company, they can suggest the best security solutions for your needs and your budget. Even if you have a meager budget, you can still benefit from security guard services such as mobile patrols, unarmed guards and special event security.

Do you want to learn more about security guards?

Getting more education about the security guards industry and profession can be beneficial for a variety of groups. Average citizens would benefit from learning more about the role of a security guard and developing a better understanding of how guards keep them safe in their communities. Business owners should know how professional security guards can help protect their business assets, employees and customers from a variety of threats, including assaults, thefts and vandalism, just to name a few.

Those who are looking to begin a career in the security industry may find that learning more about the field is the first step to starting a successful career. No matter which category you fall into, it is important to dispel some of the myths about security guards.

In addition to reading articles from trusted security guard companies online, you can learn more by speaking directly with a reputable security company and interviewing those who already work in the field.

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