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5 Tips to Consider for Event Security

Event planning is stressful, especially when thousands of people are expecting to be entertained. Planners need to decide on a venue, schedule, logistics, speakers, food, drinks, and many more considerations.

With so much pressure to make the event a success, budgets are often blown before the event even starts, leaving very little money or time to handle issues that will undoubtedly arise during the event. For this reason, it is important for planners to address these possible issues before they happen by budgeting for event security on the front end. Below are 5 tips to consider for event security:

It’s not all about technology

Technology has been instrumental in changing the security industry. It helps reduce payroll overhead, eliminate human error, and can be implemented easily. Many events choose to plop in some metal detectors, cameras, and locks, but fail to realize that these options are supplements, not solutions. The real effectiveness of event security relies on a visual and physical presence to dissuade people from making poor choices.

Hire a professional organization, not individuals

Many event planners immediately think of hiring off-duty police officers for security. While these officers are highly trained professionals, they do not have the resources and support of an actually security company. They may be able to diffuse any situation on site, but the administrative pieces on the back end are typically non-existent.

Instead, consider hiring an actual security company that not only has trained professionals on the front end, but also administrative processes and expertise on the back end. These companies will also be more apt to want a continued partnership rather than a one-off contract, so their dedication should be unrivaled.

Reduce your risk

Another positive aspect of hiring a third party security company is their overall expertise in legalities and strategy. Trying to coordinate all security activities yourself opens up the opportunity to potential risks and liabilities. A professional security company should be able to create a comprehensive plan to minimize risk and maximize visibility and safety.

Create an emergency backup plan

Prevention isn’t the only thing to plan for with event security. With hundreds or maybe thousands of people in one area, it is highly likely that there may be a disorderly situation. When that happens, your event staff needs to be prepared. A third party security company is prepared to handle all situations and should have an effective plan prepared for all potential situations.

Trust who you hire

Arguably the most important tip to consider is hiring someone you can trust. Make sure this company or person takes interest in your goals and develops a plan to meet your needs, budget, and timeline. Many local companies will care about you and your company, but some might not have the resources to implement an appropriate plan. On the other side, larger national companies have the resources, but might view your event as just another contract. Wilson Protective Services LLC combines the best of both worlds being a locally owned and operated agency, experienced and highly rated.

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