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Client Reporting: Transparency

Integrity is important to us as we strive to provide honest and impartial services for our clients. Which is why when our officers provide daily client reports from their scheduled and random patrols, we are sure to be as transparent and honest as possible.

For property managers, the daily reports that our officers provide are an integral piece of communicating our services once you become a client. And because these reports are the most important aspect of the daily communications that you'll receive from us, we require our officers provide accurate, detailed and consistent reports.

With each incident report, our officers must cover these six basic questions:

Who is it about?

What happened?

Where did it take place?

When did it take place?

Why did it happen?

How did it happen?

It's imperative that we provide our clients with the most detailed and accurate reports. These reports are a product of the excellent job our officers do every night.

To provide even more transparency and accountability, WPS provides property managers with access to our state-of-the-art reporting software. With each of our WPS mobile patrol vehicles, there are cameras located in and outside of the vehicle so that you have the ability to view what our officers are doing and where they are. In addition you'll also have the ability to check that our officers are on your property when scheduled, and servicing the right areas. With our daily reports and access to our software we want to effectively communicate to property managers that we are here to provide you with peace of mind. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide a service that is reliable, timely, thorough, and effective.

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