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Donation Information

We want to do our part and help the community. We have setup a Donation Link to support Local Charities here in Lansing Michigan (will expand out). We will be donating Toys, Gift cards

, Checks, Clothing, Food & Supplied and much more. Program is still in the works and more updates will be out soon.

Currently Donations will be going to: - Officers Fund - Veterans Organizations - IC Food Bank - Ronald Mcdonald House - ICAC & Humane Society & ASPCA

Donations can be done a few ways

  1. Contact Us

  2. Use Donation Link (Bottom of pages or on Social Media)

  3. Use Link in Store

  4. Use Link Below

More Ideas or need more info? Comment or PM us

* Groups, Companies, Organizations and Individual's will have the option to be on the letters that will be included in the donations as well.

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