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Keeping Communities Safe with Residential Security

Home is meant to be a safe place. Pulling into the driveway or parking space, locking your car, and heading to the front door are intended to be a buildup of finally being home and relaxing. Neighborhoods, residential communities, and multi-resident buildings depend on private security when there is a city shortage of law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are incredible once on the scene, but with needs nationwide, residents want that safe and secure feeling when they arrive home. Choosing private security guards to deter and reduce crime in cities where police are in short supply is a popular investment.

Residential Security Personnel Qualifications

Armed guards are highly qualified with backgrounds as law enforcement officers and military personnel. Trained for emergencies and other potentially dangerous situations, residential security provides peace of mind to residents and visitors. Because any type of residential area is susceptible to theft-related crimes, it is best to have someone highly trained to recognize suspicious behavior immediately and address any concerns without hesitation. Exceptional residential security personnel will do a risk assessment upon arrival, identifying and managing areas of vulnerability.

Security Personnel Supplement Entry Gates and Alarm Systems

Although a security gate or alarm system may deter some criminals, it is not difficult to find ways around it when motivated. Access cards and codes can be easily obtained, and security access gates are opened frequently. People commonly scoot in right behind another resident without approved access. Using private security guards experienced in residential protection is an excellent supplement to alarm systems and electronic gates typical at community access points. A 24-hour guard station monitoring traffic in and out is the only guaranteed way to ensure everyone inside is meant to be. Deliveries are followed and monitored closely by trained security personnel, so there is no variation from their planned delivery or pick-up.

Budget Is No Excuse for Sacrificed Safety

Some may think that budget is an issue or a reason not to consider hiring private security detail for residential. However, established security personnel providers only offer fully vetted and experienced security guards able to fit all budget sizes. Some options are armed and unarmed, short-term, long-term, and stationary or mobile units. Every residential neighborhood has unique needs. Security personnel needs will be different for a senior living facility than for a high-end private, single-family home development. Regardless, everyone deserves to feel at ease at home, and private residential security guards offer that.

Security guards may be stationary at an entry gate and roam the grounds periodically. Residential security personnel's continual and dedicated attention to potential hazards identifies and addresses issues early on. Highly trained security guards collaborate with security resources and respond quickly to calls requiring assistance. Significant reductions in vandalism theft and encouraging community in residential neighborhoods are enormous.

Gate Security for Residential Communities

Many residential communities have guard houses that control access and monitor the constant flow of traffic. Unfortunately, many gated guard houses are vacant due to staffing shortages, leaving them vulnerable and disregarded by criminals. Hiring private security guards is an excellent solution to monitoring the gate and ensuring the community stays safe and secure and remains private. Highly trained residential security guards are qualified to monitor critical access points. If the guard station is crewed, the level of a security guard must be exceptional, with outstanding customer service. Current and potential residents and visitors should experience excellent customer service. The most sought-after security guards will become experts on the lay of the property, recognize residents and regular visitors, and become an expert on policies and guidelines for each unique community. Deliveries should be treated with care and diligence so lingering vehicles do not create a distraction and increase vulnerability inside the gate.

Apartment and Condominium Security Personnel

Apartments and condominiums have non-stop activity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Crowded parking lots, access doors, and multiple entries make these residential buildings soft targets for crime. Residential security personnel at apartments and condominium complexes are an asset to the management team and can provide continual coverage after hours. Security personnel in this capacity can also respond to noise complaints and ensure any common areas are properly locked up and secure. Preventing loitering is a critical part of securing multi-family buildings. Having someone onsite for multiple-family properties is vital to maintain total capacity because of satisfied residents. Investing in private residential security for apartments and condominiums is a small investment for happy residents who want to stay!

Whatever type of residential area you are responsible for, find a quality and established security personnel provider who can meet your specific needs. Professional security coordinators can provide information for various services and options to meet budgets and have it ready to present at the next HOA or board meeting. Residents deserve to feel safe and secure in their homes and community areas. Reach out today for an instant quote or speak with a professional coordinator to find out what can be done immediately to elevate the security.

Wilson Protective Services provides exceptional security personnel unmatched in quality and value!

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