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Maximizing Construction Site Protection with Professional Security Guards

Construction sites can be one of the most vulnerable locations for criminal activity. Whether new construction or remodels of leased spaces, multiple access points, and high traffic make active sites a soft target for crime. Valuable machinery, materials, and tools can easily be stolen, and property vandalized without thoughtful security measures in place. Most often, construction sites have flood lights for nighttime and some surveillance equipment. However, as our economy continues to experience higher inflation, protecting assets on a construction site is critical. A growingly popular way companies protect active job construction sites is by hiring experienced security guards from an outside provider with a deep roster of skilled personnel.

Traffic Monitoring, Unauthorized Visitors Redirected, and Loiterers Averted

In crowded areas where construction sites are established, keeping track of who is supposed to be there and who is not can be a full-time job. Construction sites are bustling with vendors, workers, inspectors, and managers. Trained construction site security personnel understand the dynamic of multiple access points and get to know the people who are regularly on the job site. Additionally, due to their background and experience, security guards can monitor all traffic on a construction site successfully and ensure that nobody is on-site during construction hours that is not supposed to be there. Able to match identifications against approved and changing lists of those expected on site is one of the many tasks that security guards do masterfully while on construction job sites.

After working hours, security personnel roam the facility perimeter and ensure that loiterers do not stick around. Any unwanted visitors or suspicious behavior is addressed immediately, and criminals are stopped in their tracks.

Tools, Materials, and Equipment Are Secure

Although construction sites often have temporary fencing to help keep unwanted traffic out, the fencing is a mild deterrent at best. Fencing helps designate areas to hold materials and keep equipment within, but often during the day, the fence is open for easy access to those on site. The temporary fencing acts as a visual deterrent, but anyone motivated to breach it and access what is inside would have little of a challenge on their hands.

As prices are up on everything, especially building and finishing materials, construction site managers must be diligent in adding extra protection to construction sites. Not only will theft cost more money, but the delay in getting additional materials can also significantly set the project back weeks, if not months. Hiring private security personnel during construction protects tools and materials from being stolen. A uniformed security guard, whether armed or not, establishes order and authority on site.

Construction security guards identify suspicious behavior or unusual activity and are trained and experienced in handling all safety and security concerns. Employees and workers are also monitored to ensure that items not to be removed from the job site remain. It is surprising how many people take things home from the job site that are not theirs. In many cases, those items never make it back. Only an experienced construction site guard has the inside knowledge of common occurrences on active construction sites.

Securing construction site tools, equipment, and materials are essential to successful project management. The investment in providing security guards on construction sites has immediate ROI because valuables and property are protected and secure.

Vandalism Prevention

Construction site managers are concerned about materials and tools staying on-site, and they should be. The reality is that the building itself is also under threat. Vandalism includes anything that damages the property, including tagging or breaking of windows. Although these do not seem as serious as stealing valuable equipment, any property damage costs time and money. Construction companies bid out projects and often work under short timelines to completion, so even a small delay can push everything back and mean negotiating later than expected deadlines. No client wants to get a call about the extended cost and time needed to complete a construction project. Hiring private security is one of the best ways to ensure the property is not damaged during construction and that access to the area is limited to only those with approval to be on site.

Construction companies and project managers have figured out they can have top-notch security throughout the construction timeline, ensuring valuables are protected and access is monitored. When security guards are trained on construction sites, the level of service and protection is elevated because they know the "lay of the land" and can function well in busy environments. When looking for an established and exceptional security personnel provider, find one with a nationwide presence and can provide the level of security you need at a price that doesn’t break the budget. Wilson Protective Services LLC can quickly dispatch qualified construction site personnel for short-term, long-term, and last-minute needs.

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