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Short-Term Security Guards in a Pinch

It would be perfect if every company or event planner could plan well ahead and think of everything. However, this is not the reality of security needs. Often, short-term and last-minute needs come up that require top-quality security guards that could have never been predicted. Many security guard companies claim to be able to provide last-minute and unique security guards. Still, only some have a full roster of fully vetted security guards with experience to be dispatched immediately.

Unexpected Security Guard Needs

There are some situations when short-term, and last-minute security needs come up, and here are a few scenarios.

Scenario one is either showing up at the office or storefront in response to a security alarm. The worst case is that you arrive at broken windows or a pried open door. Regardless of the type of business, this is a situation that could not be predicted. However, it still needs security to monitor the property while any damage to access points is remedied. The chaos following a break in gets more complex if there is excessive damage or things are taken. It is best to have a trained security guard on site 24 hours until the facility can be secured. Store managers and owners are busy working with the insurance company and police. Still, leaving vulnerable properties unattended and unprotected following a scenario like this one is a mistake.

Scenario two is coming into work and finding out you need a Fire Watch team in place, stat. Fire Watch can be due to faulty equipment, testing, or other unplanned scenarios where designated units must be in place to secure Fire Watch locations. Fire Watch security is not only a want but also required by the local Fire Marshall. When a Fire Watch team is needed, call a security personnel company for a qualified Fire Watch security guard team instead of scrambling to pull together some staff from other positions and tasks. Hiring professionals with experience in Fire Watch is the only way to ensure the highest level of safety for the people and the facility.

Scenario three may be due to a new threat to a person or property. Large corporations often provide security guards for high level executives and their families when they travel. Although most trips are planned, there are times when an unexpected VIP comes, or a last-minute trip is scheduled. Only the best security guard providers can guarantee the most qualified and experienced guards in these situations. In these situations, the people are the assets that need exceptional safety and security. Since qualified security personnel has law enforcement and military backgrounds, they are trained and experienced in providing personal protection without hesitation.

Unusual Behavior or Activity May Constitute Security Personnel

Professional security guards are experts at identifying things that may pose a risk or danger. Additionally, they address issues as they come up, and nothing gets overlooked. Security guards offer peace of mind, whether for a business or at a private event.

Security Personnel Protect Businesses

Depending on the type of business, the location, and how much unusual behavior is noticed, hiring private security may be a short-term solution. Security guards can help identify internal theft or other threats. The training and experience of skilled security personnel qualify them to identify suspicious behaviors and activities that other staff members may overlook. In some scenarios, even if you have your own security staff, using a third party may help resolve any concerns sooner.

One of the things that security personnel handle masterfully is conflict management and addressing any disruptions that require attention

Security Personnel Elevate Private Event Safety

If an event is going to have multiple access points, anticipated high attendance, or is in a location open to the public, expect disruptions. An event at the beach or park will have passersby, and it is likely you will have someone who wants to participate but is not on the invite list. Having private security handle these situations and making sure everyone in attendance is supposed to be there elevate private events.

The specialized training of private event security guards also means they keep a watchful eye on activity and behavior. Security ensures guests’ belongings and other valuables are kept safe throughout the event, so guests of honor and attendees can relax and enjoy their time. A security officer can also handle belligerent or intoxicated guests who must be asked to leave the event.

If you ever wish you had security guard coverage, don't hesitate to get in touch with Wilson Protective Services today.

Wilson Protective Services specializes in short-term security guard placement. No matter how last minute or unique your security needs it, everyone who wants added safety should be able to get it. A coordinator is waiting to help you determine the best security solution at an affordable price.

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