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Welcome to Secure-Ride

Secure-Ride is a Specialty Service offed by Wilson Protective Services LLC.

This Service is LIVE, We are in our BETA stage right now for testing. Ride availability will be Limited and will vary from week to week. If possible please try to requests in advance.

We will be updating and making this improvements to the Site weekly. Any questions Send us a Message and to Request a Quote please use the Form below.

Secure-Ride is not only redefining safety but also revolutionizing affordability. Priced at 25-50% less than Uber and Lyft.

Armored, EV, Comfort rides will be available!!

Secure-Ride Advantages:

1. Cost-Effective Travel: Enjoy the same level of security and professionalism at a fraction of the cost.

2. Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprises—our commitment is to provide you with reliable, secure, and affordable rides.

3. Accessible Security: Your safety shouldn't break the bank. Secure-Ride makes secure transportation accessible to everyone.


Airport Pickup Discount:

For added convenience and savings, Secure-Ride offers an exclusive discount for rides from the airport to your home city.


Experience security, affordability, and reliability like never before.

Contact us at to Experience Secure-Ride:

1. Email Us: Reach out to us directly at to register for an affordable and secure ride experience.


2. App Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for the SecureRide app/web booking coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!


3. Affordable Safety: Travel confidently with on-call security  compromising your budget.


Your journey with SecureRide begins with safety, accessibility, and affordability. Secure, reliable rides at a price that won't break the bank!

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