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A Dangerous Profession

When we think about security guards and security officers, it’s easy for stereotypical images of mall cops or a bouncer at a bar to come to mind.

However, these often laughable personas we see in movies and on TV are so far from the truth.

Although these individuals may perform varying levels of duties, the reality is that they’re essential professionals who hold a great deal of responsibility when it comes to the safety of our neighborhoods, businesses and the country as a whole.

A Dangerous Profession

The name “security officer” or “protective agent” hardly covers what these incredibly important people do.

Oftentimes, we see former military and law enforcement taking up roles in the private sector whether that be for monetary transport, private events, high-ranking leaders or personal protection.

It’s a near selfless service that requires experience, judgement and tact.

If you’re one of these individuals, we applaud you and please, give yourself a pat on the back for stepping up to the plate to ensure the safety of others.

It’s a Mad World

We don’t have to tell you we’re living in a new era of chaos in today’s society.

You know this because you’re in the thick of it protecting people, property and vital information every day.

Governments rely on you, correctional facilities rely on you and so do critical infrastructure sectors.

Although some service sites like research facilities that store chemical and biological agents, our import and export harbors, and computerized centers with military installations … others serve closer to home in schools, churches and places of work.

In recent years we’ve seen mass shootings in night clubs, active shooters take over schools and so much tragedy in our streets.

There are threats of all kinds; old and young, rich and poor, and it’s not just guns that security officers face.

Lethal weapons can also be those of opportunity like crowbars, metal pipes or an addict with a needle in hand.

Working varying hours, sometimes alone, and in dangerous situations, the job is a hard one with an even more harsh reality. If we’re being realistic, the security industry has changed, and now security officers are seeing through the lens of law enforcement. It’s a job that can be equally as dangerous because people look at and see a uniform, not the person behind it.

The Real Cost of Protection

According to Forbes, almost as many security personnel lose their lives on the job each year as police officers.

And when Bloomberg is stating that being in the security industry is the 27th most deadly job (with nearly 8 out of every 10,000 guards dying annually), we have to stop and ask ourselves why the death toll is so high still.

Our protectors deserve more.

You deserve more.

No one should be unprepared for a job that could carry the ultimate cost, and it’s in the best interest of agencies to put better protective measures in place for all employees, too.

What many often fail to see is that these career choices and the people in them make a real difference.

They save lives. Yet, many still only have Tasers, handcuffs and pepper spray to carry out these critical assignments against assailants and evil-doers that are armed.

That’s why we must also ask the hard questions, “How can we better help you?” “How can we get security personnel the personal protection supplies they need and deserve.” One simple solution is to start with body armor for all.

And if you’re reading this now, you’ve come to the right place.

We at Safe Life Defense are so adamant about getting critical safety gear, like body armor, vests, carriers and rifle plates into the hands of all those on the front lines, including security companies.

High-quality body armor should be an essential item for all those who regularly enter potentially dangerous situations.

If you’re looking to be covered in a variety of defensive scenarios, adding a specialized Safe Life Defense vest to your personal protection arsenal is a great next step.

Our Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ is not just bullet resistant but also slash, stab and punch resistant.

However, if your protective needs are more basic, we’ve got you covered there too with body armor bundles and safety accessories.

Why Body Armor Is a Must, Not a Maybe

If you’re a security agency owner or employee, here are just a few of the ways body armor in particular can benefit your company immensely:

Draws new employees in with a promise of optimal safety from the start

Makes your agency more successful because you’re ready to handle a wider variety of situations

Creates opportunity to reach new heights with high-ranking clients and lucrative contract

Fosters confidence, camaraderie and hope amongst employees, as well as high retention rates

Saves lives and ensures your people are safe, prepared and as protected as possible

Lowers your overall risk as a business owner or individual party

We interviewed Sergeant Holmes of Black of Knight Patrol, a full service private security company specializing in security guards, vehicle patrol, event staff, executive protection and explosives detection K-9.

Check out what he has to say about Safe Life Defense’s products:

Source/Credit: Safelife Defense

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