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News & Updates 08/25/2021

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

We have been working on tons of little projects while some of larger items get finished so we can get ready for our official Go Live. plus at this time we are all working PT/FT Security while we get everything set.

In the works:

  • Community Program - we will be doing local/national charities and volunteer work in our community along with fundraisers.

  • Partnership Program - Will be looking for local organizations and businesses to team up with to help each other grow especially when it comes to helping the community and other small businesses

  • Store - We will sell some WPS LLC items nothing to large but all proceeds are to help build a Officer Assistance Fund to help our officers in times of need, we will also take donations as we will be sending funds to a few charities we support.

There is a few others coming as well

for more information stay up to date with the Blog

if you are interested in any of these items please send us a email at

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