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Top Three Reasons to Hire Security for Employee Terminations

Releasing an employee is unpleasant and can often be nerve-racking. Rarely is there a hiring manager who sleeps well the night before an employee's termination, no matter how smoothly it is expected to go. The loss of sleep is mainly because there are uncertainties when it comes to releasing someone from their job. Being fired may trigger strong emotional responses in some, and others may lash out as they depart the building, while others still go off without a hitch. The escalations and unknowns lead businesses to hire security guards to be onsite and present during employee terminations. Suppose a situation does become intense or an employee acts out verbally or otherwise. In that case, workplace and termination security guards are trained to ensure the safety of the people until the previous employee is off the property. There are three main reasons companies look to exceptional workplace security providers, which always start with the people.

Number One: Protecting Employees and Visitors

In the workplace, the release of an employee can trigger not just heightened responses in the person being released but also members of the team. Highly trained security guards establish authority and order through their mere presence. If anyone feels they want to act out over the situation, in most cases, they do not when security is present. Guards in the workplace may be hired armed or unarmed, and either choice sets the tone companies desire during employee terminations. Professionals in the security field guarantee a smooth, calm, and safe transition out of the workplace and off the property. If companies already have security guards, they should certainly be asked to be in proximity during the termination as well as an escort off the site.

Employee terminations are always smoother when some forethought has gone into post-termination, such as access cards and badges, keys, and other property or equipment that belongs to the company. Even employees expecting to be released may try to take their laptops or other company assets that hold valuable and confidential information. Give a list of things the security guard needs to ensure have been retrieved from the person leaving so that management and other staff are not solely responsible for this daunting task.

Again, the number one reason employers use security guards during employee terminations is to protect the people. In most cases, security never has to intervene, but they are there to handle any outburst that can potentially occur.

Number Two: Security Guards Provide Peace of Mind During and After Employee Terminations

Anyone in the workplace during the termination of another employee feels uneasy. A uniformed security guard on site provides peace of mind to employees, management, visitors, volunteers, and contractors. The company's size should only determine what type of security is necessary, and no company should be without security coverage during employee terminations.

Although peace of mind does not have a price tag, everyone deserves it. A reputable and nationwide security guard provider can fit any budget, ensuring every company has the peace of mind they deserve during employee terminations. Although some terminations are expected to go smoothly, there is no possible way to guarantee it will go as planned. Offering professional security officers makes the process run smoothly and without instances.

Number Three: Proactively Managing Returning Disgruntled Employees

The feeling in the workplace can be complex following the termination of an employee. Some staff may have insight into other things that have occurred over time, bringing a concern that the terminated employee may return. Instead of worrying about if an employee that has been released will return, provide deserved protection to your staff. The highest quality security guards are trained in de-escalation tactics and fully experienced with law enforcement and military backgrounds to handle emergencies.

Companies needing to terminate an employee should work with a professional security guard coordinator to determine what coverage makes sense for your unique situation. Sometimes, it makes sense to keep security on contract for an extended time if an unexpected response to a termination occurs. Working with a company that has the flexibility to do this and valuable insight provides the best possible safety measures during and after employee terminations. If an employee does return to the company after their termination, staff and management should not be in a position to handle this confrontation. A professional security guard knows what to do to handle the situation discreetly, ensuring the safety of the people, providing peace of mind, and ensuring unwelcome guests get escorted off the property immediately.

If you want to learn more about armed and unarmed security guard services for workplace terminations, contact WPS LLC to speak with an experienced safety coordinator. WPS LLC fully vets its security staff and offers clients only the highest quality guards. Take the pressure off your team by hiring private security guards during all employee terminations.

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