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Security Guards: The First Line of Defense

security guards designated to watch the crowd and monitor access is a necessity, no matter where you live. As expected, businesses in higher crime and metropolitan areas always have private security guards for daily activity as well as special events.

Esteemed clients seek professional and excellent security services, which is why WilsonProtective Services is the first provider they call when wanting to achieve the highest level of safety for their businesses, people, and assets. Trained security guards put themselves in harm’s way to protect others. Invested security personnel never stop training, ensuring they are up to date on threats and crime trends. Exceptional security services are one step ahead of criminals. In medical emergencies, the training of security guards allows them to confidently lead in administering CPR and other lifesaving efforts until emergency services arrive. High-level security guards are focused, professional, and save lives.

Emergency Protocol Upon Arrival

Established security guard companies recognize that when a security guard shows up on the job, they must be ready to do a risk assessment immediately and work with the client to address any glaring safety concerns. These concerns may be out of date or faulty safety equipment, access points that do not close properly, unsafe use of objects to prop access doors open, etc. Although security guards are not safety managers, they have enough safety training to bring things up to the client that can be addressed if necessary. If a safety risk is not quickly fixable, security guards are alert to the vulnerability, preventing many potential crimes.

Contact us today to get a free quote on armed and unarmed services. It is more likely that the cost will surprise you as well as the staff's high qualifications and the coordinator's professionalism.

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