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Top 5 Benefits of Armed Security Guards for Schools

Armed security guards can provide real-world benefits and peace of mind for students, parents, faculty and administration in school settings. Physical bullying and gun violence have become prevalent public safety concerns in recent years. You can enhance your school’s safety with certified professionals trained to mitigate the risks of violence for children.

The Main Advantages of Armed Security in Schools

There are a wide variety of benefits of hiring an armed school security guard. These five main reasons reveal why you should strongly consider fortifying your school’s security.

1. Increased Overall Vigilance

The presence of private law enforcement in a school setting provides the benefit of consistently keeping watch over students, faculty and guests. Guards and security cameras can help warn the administration about crime and persistent social issues in the classrooms and hallways. This assistance can do everything from stopping theft to helping a depressed student.

2. Violent Crime Response

In the event of a catastrophe like a school shooting, armed guards can potentially disarm or disable the shooter and help prevent loss of life.